It is the Club’s aim to have as many umpires as possible, able to work across all levels of the game, and able to mentor junior umpires of the future.  Without umpires, teams cannot take the court! It is a great job for kids as it builds character, helps to increase netball skills, and is also a great way to earn some money.

Being an umpire (and player) is based on having a full understanding of the rules.

Therefore we encourage all players from U12s and over to learn the rules and sit the online exam.   Umpires Online Exam…..Click Here.  (you will need to log in with your online netball login).  We recommend and encourage all players and umpires to take the exam each year (cost currently $11).

Following successful completion of the exam, those girls wishing to become courtside umpires will be guided through the process by the Umpire’s Convenor and Mentors from the Club.

View the Joeys Umpire Policy here.

1. Knowledge and Understanding of the Rules

  • Read and Understand the Official Rules of Umpiring
  • Learn how to apply the rule

2. Dress

  • Whilst learning to umpire, players can wear their uniform with the white Joeys Umpire Shirt over the top.
  • If required for carnivals or for finals series games, umpires will be required to wear a White Skirt (shorts for men) and white Umpire shirt
  • Good netball/sports shoes (no bare feet, thongs or ugg boots)
  • Neat and Tidy presentation is vital! Look like an umpire and the players will treat you like an umpire

3. Equipment

  • Whistle ACME Thunderer
  • Elastic Band, Hair Band or Ring (easily slipped from one hand to the other
  • Official Rules of Umpiring Book (to be carried with you when umpiring)
  • Water
  • Sunblock/hat

4. Voice and Signals

  • Confident Decisive Calls
  • Loud Voice (ensure all players on the court and the other umpire can hear you)
  • Clear and simple instructions, and clear and appropriate Signals
  • Calm disposition


  • Consistency
  • Confidence
  • Control
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Common Sense


All umpires are required to be familiar with the Netball NSW Code of Behaviour


1st – Please advise the club asap if you would like to learn to umpire in 2021.

2nd – Each year, Joeys runs an Umpiring Course.  Followed by a practical training on shortened games which occur as part of the SSNA U10s practical grading day.  It is compulsory for you to attend both of these sessions if you wish to be placed in the umpiring program for Joeys.

3rd – The online exam must be passed before you attend this day and the certificate sent to the Umpires Convenor.  You will also need to bring with you a good quality whistle (ACME Thunderer), the Official Rule Book, a hair elastic that can easily be transferred from wrist to wrist, sunblock, hat, water and something to eat.  It is a long morning of umpiring, listening and watching.


The first few times a new umpire has a game, we like to put a mentor (more senior umpire or committee member) with them courtside until they are confident and have most of their questions out of the way.

Taking into consideration the following…

  • Number of new umpires joining
  • Number of junior games available to put them on
  • Mentor availability including their game time and other umpiring commitments
  • The new umpires own game time

… we don’t want you to be offended or worried.  It is likely that the new umpires will only be rostered every 2-3 weeks in the early stages.


Junior umpires will be accompanied by a senior umpire or mentor.  We suggest, where time permits that junior umpires take time to watch a variety of senior umpires to gain more experience.  Your convenor can advise on suitable games to watch.


In combination with coaching clinics, Joeys also puts on an Umpires Day where we have our experienced umpires and our junior umpires overseeing mock games. This allows us to answer any further questions, discuss the correct application of rules, giving all umpires knowledge and confidence when they are courtside.


Joeys’ payments are made by direct deposit into your designated account. There are two paydays – being after completion of Day 7 and Day 14.  Junior Umpires with their Section I Umpires exam will start on $12 per game, and it will increase based on the umpires experience and qualifications.